Social Devel

                Housing and Social Development at the Stapleton Water Front Revitalization Project


                                                 Social Development and Impact

Building social capital and equity refers to the norms and networks that enable people to act collectively for a better and more resilient community.  NHS of Staten Island engages these networks by promoting Resident Leadership and increasing communities’ ladder of participation to be better positioned to assist in creating and maintaining clean, safe, healthy, livable, resilient and sustainable communities.

NHS of Staten Island believes that sustainable community economic development and revitalization comes from within.  The local community contains the talent, commitment, passion and knowledge needed to transform a neighborhood.  We identify key individuals to train, encourage and support to become leaders or expand their current impact on community improvement.


This is accomplished through two of our core programs:

Our Community Leadership Institute (CLI) provides residents with intensive leadership development training and subsequent Special Projects that create opportunity for personal development and community improvement.

The annual Live Better Staten Island Month is a protracted series of events, workshops, trainings, projects and service opportunities revolving around specific themes and engaging local residents, community based organizations, government agencies, elected officials and other stakeholders in community transformation activities throughout an entire month (typically June).