NHSSI New Homes

StarBuyer™ Program for first time Homebuyers

As a Member of our StarBuyer Program Your Homeownership Advisor will Guide you Through Home Purchase. Your Advisor Will Provide:

  • Individualized home buyer action plan specific to your needs.
  • Negotiation with the banks to get you preapproved at the best rate possible.
  • Home shopping guidance to get you the lowest price possible on your new home.
  • Connection to the best home purchase & finance incentives available.
  • Debt analysis and repair as needed.


  1. Free StarBuyer™ Classes Begin The Process.

Classes Cover:

  • Before You Start Looking for a Home
  • Finding a Home
  • Understanding Credit
  • Applying for a Loan
  • After You Move In 





  1. One-on-One Counseling


  • Credit Analysis
    • Review Credit Scores
    • Address problems, if any, on your credit report
    • Review Debt
  • Assets Analysis
    • Income Review & Verification
    • Savings & Other Options for Closing Costs
  • Determine if you qualify for special financing, including special lender finance programs
  • Determine date for start of Mortgage Process

  1. Mortgage Readiness:


  • Packaging and submissions of documents to bank for the Best Rate/Mortgage possible
  • Preapproval in hand, shop and negotiate for the Best Price for your home
  • Support in developing and working with your Homebuyer Team
  • Processing and/or underwriting on StarBuyer™ Financing options (as required and available)
  • Agreement on Size and Type of mortgage to match your future outlook
  • Starter Home vs Ideal Home

Certificate of Mortgage Readiness

(Qualification for Lender special financing programs)