What is Financial Capability and Coaching?

NHS of Staten Island has developed a course that creates opportunities to be financially motivated, secure, and  mobile. A trained Financial Coach will help you design a Financial Security  Action Plan to take control of your personal finances. Our innovative curriculum provides guidance, accountability, and encouragement. The result is an achievable financial future! 

How does it Work?

Classroom Instruction

You will receive three units of classroom instruction, each lasting 2 ½ hours.

Financial Analysis                 

An NHS of Staten Island Financial Coach/Counselor will review your current income, expenses, assets liabilities and goals to determine your fiscal health and create a Financial Security Action Plan.    


The Coach will continue to monitor your progress toward achieving the goals of your Financial Security Action Plan.


NHS of Staten Island Financial Capability and Coaching Program provides:

  • Financial Knowledge and Understanding
  • Financial Skills and Competence
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Financial Decision Making, emphasizing behavioral change, as well as, increased knowledge.
  • Ongoing support from your Financial Coach