Green and Healthy Homes

This program can help you transform your home into a Green, Healthy, and Energy Efficient dwelling for you and your loved ones.

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For M/WBE and SDVOB contractors only:

NHS of Staten Island is looking for M/WBE and SDVOB certified contractors to partner within the Green and Healthy Homes program. Interested above-mentioned contractors should contact us at 718-442-8080 to speak with Laurette Steele, the program coordinator.

Green & Healthy Homes Initiative of Staten Island (GHHI of SI)

In 2008, the Council on Foundations and the White House Office of Recovery combined forces to lead efforts to integrate lead hazard control, asthma reduction, weatherization, and energy efficiency work in households nationwide. This project later became the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative.  Directed by the Coalition that addresses the health and energy efficiency needs of a home through a holistic intervention model, its mission is to break the link between unhealthy housing and unhealthy families by creating and advocating for wholesome, safe and energy efficient homes, especially low to moderate income households.   The goal: a world where no child’s potential is limited by unhealthy housing conditions.

Introduced to Staten Island in 2016 by Neighborhood Housing Services of Staten Island, this healthy homes approach assesses the physical health of the home environment and dwellers residing in 1-4 and 5+ family homes.  GHHI-SI provides a comprehensive set of direct services to ensure that families, property owners, tenants, health care providers, and other stakeholders can effectively address issues that undermine the health, energy efficiency and safety of households. Our services include  Community Outreach, Home Assessment, Resident and Community Education and Trainings, Hazard Intervention and Remediation, Energy Efficiency and Weatherization Services, and Referral to Legal Services.  GHHISI’s objective is to reduce the negative impacts of home health hazards which in turn will reduce: asthma-related health consequences; lead poisoning cases; incidences of trip/fall, and other household injuries; energy consumption; and medical costs.  The initiative will further stimulate green job creation and retention and track health outcomes for children and families. 

In GHHISI’s quest to align with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2018, which include efforts to end poverty in all its forms and combat inequalities, we aim to improve housing and neighborhood stabilization in low income areas by tackling causes of poor in-home air quality that negatively impact educational outcomes for children, and impede economic stability and advancement for adults.




As a measure to maintain quality without mandating legislative standards, GHHI of Staten Island has incorporated the safest and most efficient healthy home assessments which conform to the best practices of the National Green and Healthy Home Initiative.  Our work is reinforced by a core group called the Learning Network which represents State and City government, housing provider agencies, philanthropy, and community-based organizations that have a clear stake in improving the quality of life for low to moderate-income residents.   Currently, GHHISI’s core Learning Network include Community Health Center of Richmond; Jewish Community Center of Staten Island; Make The Road New York, and Richmond Senior Services; Visiting Nurse Association of Staten Island, and NYC Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene, Healthy Homes Program as technical assistance provider.  Funding provided by NYS Affordable Housing Corporation; New York Community Trust and Staten Island Foundation.  Our pact allows our collaboration to actively cross-engage and cross-support others already conducting work related to green and healthy homes interventions.   Our pledge to improve the health outcomes for households automatically addresses inequities in health, and advocates for a sustainable flow of support to improve homes and strengthen agency alliances. To advance the current efforts, GHHI-SI and its partners are strategically focusing on further preventing illnesses and injuries directly caused by overlooked dangers lurking in households.                   

GHHI of SI is committed to producing healthier, more energy efficient housing, higher quality green jobs, and improved health and social outcomes for families.  In alliance with the Learning Network, our partners and community, GHHI-SI will continue to tackle health and safety hazards in households breaking the link between unhealthy housing, sick children and underemployed/unemployed adults.  For more information or a presentation, please contact us at GHHI@nhsofsi.org or call 718-442-8080.  We look forward to your continued support in this endeavor. 

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