Economic Devel

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                                       Economic Development

NHS of Staten Island’s efforts to create and maintain sustainable communities promote an Economic Development approach that engages a broad-based partnership of community, private, public and Third sector institutions for sustained concerted actions that promote the standard of living, economic mobility of residents and the community’s economic health.  NHS of Staten Island provides several core programs that work toward this goal. 

Homeownership Services; Education and Lending

For those looking to buy their first home, NHSSI offers the StarBuyer™ Program for first time homebuyers.  The StarBuyer™ program is held on Thursday or Saturday free of charge.  As a StarBuyer™ enrollee a homeownership advisor will guide clients through all aspects of home purchase.  The StarBuyer curriculum coupled with one-on-one counseling empowers individuals and families to make the dream of homeownership come true.


The Foreclosure Prevention Program offers workshops and specialized counseling for those struggling to make mortgage payments or who are already in foreclosure.  A HUD certified counselor guides homeowners toward a resolution of mortgage issues.  Foreclosure prevention counseling is free of charge.


The Home Improvement Lending department enables homeowners to make emergency home repairs or home improvements at low interest rates as low as 3% APR for qualified homeowners.

NHS SI Client Area Median Income

The chart below shows the demographics NHS of Staten Island has served in 2013 with regard to Area Midian Income. 81% of clients served was below 80% AMI while 19% was above 80% AMI. This chart is also reflective of what NHS SI has experienced in the past years as well.

AMI Chart

Financial Services, Education and Coaching 

In our Financial Capability Workshops & Coaching Program NHS of Staten Island has developed a course that creates opportunities for residents to be financially motivated, secure and mobile.  A trained financial coach helps clients design a financial security action plan which empowers them to take control of their finances and create an achievable financial future.  The course includes three separate units of study, each lasting 2 1/2 hours.


For those in need of Affordable Tax Preparation we offer tax preparation by professional accountants with options for electronic filing and electronic refund. Discounts are available for those enrolled in the financial capability class.


The Home Performance Basic Training course is a two day (6 hour) orientation, introducing the basics of building science and hands-on training to do energy Improvements to the home. A Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certified Instructor will provide residents with theoretical background and hands-on exercises that will thoroughly equip them to make energy improvements to their home.  In the classroom clients will learn about; building science basics, air sealing, insulation, indoor air quality, renewable energy, rebates, incentives and financing for professionally installed energy reduction measures.  In the hands-on aspect of the course, clients will learn how to do; caulking, weather-stripping, install door sweeps, pipe wrapping, insulation spray foam and block & seal techniques.


The EnergyWise™Home Maintenance Training Program is a 6 week (18 hour) course designed to provide hands-on training in most aspects of home repair, maintenance, energy conservation and health & safety issues in the home.   Clients will learn: basic carpentry plumbing, electrical, flooring, tile, wall finishes, exterior repairs, waterproofing, how to select and manage contractors and how energy efficiency impacts all aspects of home maintenance and improvement.


The Workforce Development Program connects residents with the resources necessary to prepare for a career in the Green Economy.