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                                     NHS of Staten Island's History at a Glance

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At Neighborhood Housing Services of Staten Island we have a rich history of helping Staten Island families reach their goals. Here is a brief history of our organization:

1995: NHSSI implemented its Homeownership Program in order to provide residents with the opportunity to own their first home. NHS partners with several conventional mortgage lenders to market programs designed for residents who wish to become stakeholders in their communities.

1996: NHSSI began a post-purchase Home maintenance Training Program to provide hands-on instruction on home repairs. Classes meet in our on-site facility for ten weeks. A qualified instructor conducts the classes. The program teaches families how to make necessary home repairs safely and efficiently. In addition the course stresses the importance of regular home maintenance.

2000: NHSSI became a designated NeighborWorks Homeownership Center (HOC), chartered by Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, now NeighborWorks America. NHSSI joined over 236 organizations in 50 states across America to assist families become responsible homeowners. NHSSI was the second Home Ownership Center in New York City.

2006: On May 24th 2006 NYCHA/HPD through the HPD Commissioner Shaun Donovan announced that the partnership of the Domain Companies, the Arker Companies and NHS of Staten Island was being awarded the contract for the redevelopment of Markham Gardens. The development will be home to 290 families.

2007: The first NHS to apply for and be awarded a grant for construction financing from the Affordable Housing Corporation (1,670,000). This was the largest grant awarded to a nonprofit for construction financing for its first partnership development project.


2008: The long sought after dream of a new home for NHSSI finally became a reality in March 2008. After an extensive search NHSSI was able to find an ideal location for our new offices. The new building is over 10,000 square feet space. There is both commercial and residential rental space as part of the property as well as a parking lot. This space will meet the needs of NHSSI as we grow into the future.

2009: Foreclosure Prevention was front and center for NHSSI this year. NHS is on the front lines of addressing the housing crisis. On March 2nd, NHSSI was awarded City and State Funds to increase our foreclosure counseling staff capacity. Therefore, our foreclosure prevention program expanded to accommodate the scores of people in danger of losing their homes by increasing Staff and adopting systems to respond to this need. To date 350 people came to us for foreclosure Prevention Counseling and a full 75 have received some positive outcome toward saving their home.

2010: NHS of Staten Island launched the first annual Live Better Staten Island Day. We recived designation by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) for the Markham Area Energy Target Zone. In addition we were named as a community partner in the NYC City Councils Retrofit NYC Block by Block, program.


2010: NHS of Staten Island named community partner in the City Council sponsored Retrofit NYC Block by Block program, administered by the Pratt Institute. The goal of the initiative is to do energy audits of homes and retrofit them to become more energy efficient.

2011. NHS of Staten Island named as one of 14 community based organizations statewide to do outreach for the Green Jobs Green New York (GJGNY) Program. GJGNY is a statewide effort that provides New Yorkers with access to energy audits, installation services, low-cost financing (residential customers only at this time), and pathways to training for careers in the Green economy.