Our mission is to create and maintain sustainable resilient homes and communities.


We envision a place where families are in homes and communities that are affordable, well-designed and maintained in a manner that supports the health, safety and economic stability of residents.

Guiding Principle

Working on the premise that long-term economic vitality, environmental health, and social cohesion are necessary and interdependent; and that the health of one determines the health of all; we take an integrated approach to developing sustainable communities where the needs of the present residents are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own.

Since 1982 NHS of Staten Island has been leading Richmond County to the place where families are in homes that are affordable, well-designed, rehabilitated and maintained in a manner that supports their Health & Safety; where housing is not a financial burden and families are financially secure.

Services that support this vision include:

Financial Services, Education and Coaching

Financial Capability Workshops

One-on-one financial security action planning

Tax preparation

Homeownership Services, Education and Lending

StarBuyer™ Program for first time home buyers

Homeownership counselor teaching Homebuyer Education class at Wagner College:


Foreclosure Intervention Counseling

Home Improvement Lending and the home of the MyGreen&HealthyHomeLoan™

EnergyWise™ Home Maintenance Training.  A Do-it-Yourself course on how to do your own home repairs and make your home healthier, safer and more energy efficient

EnergyWise™ Outreach program: Reducing Energy Costs and correcting health, safety and comfort issues in the home

Workforce Development – Building a workforce for the green economy

Building Resident and Community Leadership

Green Block Associations

Green and Healthy Home Volunteer Project